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Anna Gibson

Gathered memories and observations of the land that surrounds me form the starting point. I use acrylics and sometimes collaged fabric/paper scraps.

Hebden Bridge

Phone: 07759 386687

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I have lived in Yorkshire for just over 20 years now and, having left ceramics and teaching behind, I have become a painter (I studied Multidisciplinary Design at University where I focused on Hand-ceramics). Within a few years of leaving Uni, our small family arrived and with that, a long break away from taking my art seriously.

Gradually, I was able to spend more time developing my work and was offered a solo exhibition at Artsmill in 2018. The Gallery is a large space and, over a period of three months, I made a body of new work. It was a challenging time but very rewarding too.

From February to March this year I had my second solo show, this time at Water Street Gallery in Todmorden. This was a unique exhibition as it was bookended by a flood before it opened and a pandemic at the close! Happily, the exhibition ended on a positive note, as I was accepted as a ‘studio artist’ with the Gallery.

Since April 2019 I have had a shared studio at Linden Mill and it’s a great place to be! I try to work at the studio as often as I can.