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My work includes small sculptures and paintings, huge drawings and some digital photography. It is informed by forensic processes.

Hebden Bridge
Phone: 07841 933821

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The continuity in my art is informed by my surroundings and my connection with my materials (Ashcroft 2020). I come from an academic art background and I do a lot of reading. This informs my work. I live in Heptonstall. My studio is in Hebden Bridge. I used to live in the city.

“Another move. This time from city to wilderness. I am seduced by village life. It holds me completely in its grasp. My desire to belong is visceral. I am an in-comer, a stranger. Sylvia Plath rests with me here. I am drawn to her ‘purr’. I find myself repeating the word under my breath. I wrap it around me and work with it. Treetops are velvet as I walk to the studio” (Carolyn Curtis Magri 2019 diary entry).

I started visiting Sylvia Plath’s grave in the New Churchyard in Heptonstall a year ago. Grave tributes are perhaps evidence of a need to belong – to something or to someone – traces of a desire to connect – to the self, to someone else, to society, to culture, to a historical and literary past and present. The work I am exhibiting this year as part of Hebden Bridge Open Studios 2020 includes drawings and Snap Seed double exposure images inspired by the tributes.

My studio is in Linden Mill – light and big – I make huge detailed drawings there.

My materials are – pencil, felt tip, pastels, watercolours, acrylics on paper and fabric. I am very much a hands-on artist thinking now that as everything goes virtual, everything that can be touched will become craft.