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Juliet Blackman

Individual hand-built pieces inspired by natural forms, landscape and ancient civilisations.

Hebden Bridge

Phone: 07592 560829

juliet blackman

I am a ceramic artist making individual sculptural forms, loosely based on the vessel, which have absolutely no function other than engaging the viewer through their response to the forms, textures and colours.

My work is inspired by a deeply held fascination for all things ancient, bearing the scars and traces imposed by the passage of time – upheaval and convolution of the landscape, weathering and erosion of surfaces and states of decay in both natural and man-made forms, especially the remains of earlier civilisations.

Each piece is hand built by coiling, an almost meditative process which allows the form to gradually evolve. A coarse, grogged clay is used for texture, which is enhanced by scraping to further refine the form. Raku firing provides the essential dark, earthy quality, capturing the mystery and occasional iridescence of archaeological finds. I enjoy the contrast between such a highly controlled, considered building process and the relatively unpredictable nature of Raku.

Each piece is completely unique as the precise conditions during building, glazing and firing cannot be repeated.