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Nuala Poe

Drawings, paintings, prints and ceramics. My work springs from a personal narrative embedded in the making that influences and informs my practice.

Phone: 07813 662554

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Nuala Poe

We all have a story one way or another, my artwork is an expression of my story, my history. Drawing is something I have always done, ever since I can remember, a tool I have used to help me manage my world. Growing up in an abusive and violent environment, my work springs from a personal narrative embedded in the making that influences my outcomes, although not explicitly so.

I discovered my love of clay as a medium as a mature student with three children under my belt while undertaking a degree in Art and Design at Bradford College. I completed my degree in 2000 resulting in a 2:1 BA (HONS). I have been exhibiting my work since 1996.

The female body has always featured strongly in all areas of my work. I like to work quickly when creating the sculptures that have both figurative and narrative elements to them, it’s not just about working with the figure as a form, but it’s also about working with the meanings it carries. I’m not trying to produce the ‘perfect’ female body. The making process involves hand building each piece individually, by pinching out the clay and getting a feeling for the expression of the piece, the clay and my mood usually dictate the end result.

My drawings are mainly drawn with an ink pen, this means I am committed to the marks I make, I start with almost a scribble and just see what transpires, most of the time I don’t have an outcome in mind, as with the clay the marks tend to dictate the process.

I am very happy to have visitors to my studio over the weekend please ring first to arrange an appointment, I look forward to seeing you.