Application for Open Studios July 1-3, 2022 introduction

The application is spread over several pages you can complete in any order. There are different application forms for new and current artists.

Select the appropriate application form using the buttons at the bottom of this page.

Contact us to join any time as an associate member.

Application deadline has passed, we are now compiling the brochure. It may still be possible to be included.

You will need:

Your contact details

The address of the studio or venue where you will be open this July 1-3 and links for website and social media, etc.

Current artists who already have a page on our website just need to tell us about any changes.

A brief description of your artwork

Space in the brochure is limited, so this will be 200 characters written in the first person. You can add more to the website listing later.

An image of your work for the brochure

The space allocated for your image in the brochure is square, so if you provide an image that is particularly elongated in either dimension it will not optimise the space.

We would like to use artists images for publicity and send to press so require a good quality image that represents your work. This should be a large file, preferably about 3500 x 3500 pixels or 30 x 30cm at 300dpi.

The minimum size we will accept is 1,000 pixels on the shortest axis. But if you upload a small image file it will not be used in any printed publicity or sent to the press.

Public Liability Insurance

We need confirmation of appropriate public liability insurance covering July 1-3.

You don’t have to include that now to apply but we will need it by March 18 to be listed in the brochure.

The Artists Network, A-N, provide public liability insurance included with their membership for £38.

Some home insurance companies may cover you for a one off event in your own home but you will need to provide confirmation.


When you’ve submitted your details, text and image to complete the application you’ll need to pay by debit or credit card.

To take part in Open Studios July 1-3 choose from either of these payment options.

Option 1

£55 & 10% commission on all sales above £500.

The commission is capped at sales of £1,250 so the most you would pay if you take £1,250 or more is £55 up front and a further £75 in commission.

If you take £500 or less you would only have paid £55.

Option 2

£110 flat rate, no commission.

If you want to enjoy all the benefits of being an Open Studios artist but won’t be open during July 1-3 you are still welcome to join us.

Associate membership

Just £25 to have your own page on our website, join networking and social events, workshops, master classes and social media promotions. You can submit work for the Town Hall exhibition too.

Associate membership is for artists not open during July 1-3 and does not include a brochure listing.

Contact us to join any time as an associate member.


Are you new to Open Studios or do you currently have a page on our website?

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APPLICATION DEADLINE HAS PASSED. Contact us before applying.

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