Art Trail ‘I spy art’ Quiz Answers

Congratulations on completing the Art Trail and the ‘I spy art’ quiz quest! If you enjoyed doing the quiz from your own home that’s great too, but there were one or two questions you wouldn’t have got without seeing the artwork on the trail.

The Questions with Answers

1 Natural Endings Exhibition

What kind of bird lives in the woods behind the Depot? You can see a wooden one on the gate.

An owl

When was the Former Postal Depot built? A. 1884 B. 1904 C. 1924

C. 1924

2 Tod Almighty

Bill Kitchener

Can you identify the pieces of glassware used in this lamp?

My lamps are lit by LEDs which are more sustainable than incandescent lights. How much energy do they convert to light and which toxic metal do they avoid using?

They convert 80 – 90% energy they use to light, traditional incandescent light bulbs convert about 80% energy they use to heat, and unlike compact fluorescent lights, LEDs don’t contain mercury.

Dan Morrison – BLOTT WORKS

What name is used for both a species of bird and for a machine used for lifting things?

A Crane

What kind of thing is a ‘rack and pinion’?

A gear mechanism

Mark King

In many pictures, like here, Tracey Emin is seen wearing the same necklace. What is the animal shown on it?

An owl

In the 1990’s, Hockney produced work featuring his two dachshunds, Stanley and Boodge. Emin celebrated her cat through various media, but what was he called?


3 Creative with Nature

Joe Gregory

What kind of living plant is a willow?

A tree

What conventional medicine takes its origins from willow?


4 Water Street Gallery

Jane Revitt

Which way do the four points of the compass point when you look at a map?

North is up, East to the right, South is down and West points left

Kate Boyce

Can a boat on a canal go uphill?

Yes, by using locks to raise the boat up each time to the next level of canal

What is the name of the canal in this picture and where does it start and end?

The Rochdale Canal, it goes from Sowerby Bridge to Manchester

5 Wonderfully Made

Gary Thomas

Why is porcelain called china?

It is called china in English because it was first made in China

Which UK city is known as ‘The Potteries’ and how many towns is it comprised of?

The Potteries is the traditional name for the six Staffordshire lowns of Tunstall, Burslem, Hanley, Stoke on Trent, Fenton, and Longton which federated then amalgamated to form the city of Stoke-on-Trent.

Rebecca Heyes

In painting which are the three primary colors? A. blue, black, red B. blue, black, purple C. blue, green, red D. blue, red, yellow

D. blue, red, yellow

When did the Abstract art movement begin? A. 1860s B. 1880s C. 1940s

C. 1940s

6 Legacy Arts Studio & Gallery

Sophie Hammer – Unusual Girl

Which local monument is depicted in this artists work?

Stoodley Pike

The original 1814 monument collapsed and was replaced. What does the one that stands today commemorate?

Stoodley Pike was first erected in 1814 to commemorate the end of the Napoleonic Wars. Its replacement was built slightly further from the edge of the hill in 1856 to mark the end of the Crimean War.

7 In Good Company

Kath Baker – Katfish Designs

Where is the Blue Tit hiding?

In a cup

On what item can you find an Anas platyrhynchos?

Anas platyrhynchos is commonly known as the mallard. You’ll find these ducks all along the canal and on Kath’s cushion

Linda Hodges Photography

Which country grows the most Tulips?

The Netherlands is the largest producer of tulip bulbs in the world, providing 4.2 billion annually and exporting half

What is the term used to describe the tall housing common to this area?

Over and under dwellings

Rachel Stott – Miss Dott Design

Find the letter a pair of Miss Dott’s earrings make?

Can you see the letter M?

Name the technique used to create amazing patterns meaning thousand flowers?


8 Co-op Food

Hannah Lawson

Why don’t polar bears eat penguins?

Polar bears only live in the northern hemisphere and Penguins are found in the southern hemisphere

How many different types of penguin are in the picture? Name the species.

7 species: Magellanic; Rockhopper; Macaroni; King; Chinstrap; Adelie; Gentoo. (clockwise from top left)

9 Artsmill Gallery

Harriet Quilty

What is the name of the flowers in the allotment with the yellow petals?


What is the name of the bird flying above Sunnytown?


Phil Taylor

What season is it, in the painting?


The painting ‘Skylines’ depicts a scene of the Calder Valley looking over towards Midgley Moor. But from which Moor is the view taken from?

Erringdon Moor

10 Hat Therapy

Ali Haley

Can you tell what Ali’s favourite shape is?

A circle

What is the melting point of silver in celsius? A. 861.8 B. 961.8 or C. 1061.8

B. 961.8 °C

Catherine Edwards

What animal is leather most commonly made from?

Cow hide

Leather can be dyed a range of different colours, which coloured leather is the most difficult to produce?


11 Saker Bakery

Jatziri Caba Córdova

Whereabouts in the picture can you see someone looking for a book?
In the middle

Is there a book that changed your life? What is its title, who wrote it and what did it change?

12 Valley Organics

John Noble-Milner – Geckoman

In the UK what is the difference between a frog and a toad?

In general, toads have warty, drier skin and stumpy legs, whereas frogs have smoother skin and longer more powerful legs so they can leap. The distinction between frogs and toads isn’t a scientific classification though but is based on their common names.

Why are geckos called geckos?

The name ‘gecko’ comes from the Indonesian-Malay gēkoq, which is imitative of sounds that some species make.

Josephine Gornall – Phinefibre

What is the name of the pattern used to decorate the drum beater?

A spiral

Can you name a plant fibre beginning with F used in this felted picture?


13 Broug’s

Rebecca Heyes

Does true black reflect light?

However black it is, if you can see it even the blackest black is reflecting some light even if a very, very small amount. The only possible true black is a black hole.

What is the name for something you mix in paint to give it different qualities? A. Medium B. Filler C. Mix D. Changer

A. Medium

14 Heart Gallery

Jane Revitt

Can you find a place name on the tea towel with the name of an animal in it?


David‘ King’ Hartley, of the notorious Cragg Vale Coiners lived in a remote farmhouse called Bell House. He was hanged for his crimes in 1770. Where was he buried?


Kate Lycett

Gold leaf is gold that has been hammered into thin sheets, usually around 0.1 micrometer thick. What is the symbol for a micrometer and how many are in one millimeter?

A micrometer, also called micron is the metric unit of length with the symbol μ which is pronounced Mu, the 12th letter of the Greek alphabet. There are 1,000 in a millimeter.

15 Hope Gallery

Tim Schofield

What does the painting sound like to you?

In which county is the furthest point from the sea in the UK?

The furthest point from the sea in the uk is Shortheath, near Moira, which is near Ashby in Derbyshire

16 Frank & Jasper

Sheila Tilmouth

The ant is one of the world’s strongest creatures in relation to its size. How much can a single ant carry relative to its own bodyweight? A. up to 5 times B. up to 50 times C. up to 150 times
B. up to 50 times

Who was the fist person to introduce photographic illustrations in a botanical book and what year was it published? A. 1838 B. 1843 C. 1883

B. In 1843 Anna Atkins published ‘Photographs of British Algae’ the first book illustrated with photographs, and the first serious application of photography to a scientific subject.

17 Town Hall Exhibition

How many artists are exhibiting their work in the current Town Hall Exhibition?

I counted 33

One of the artworks hanging in the Town Hall Exhibition is different from the others. It hangs on a wall but usually covers all of it. Who is the artist?

Hannah Nunn has a piece of her wall paper hanging in the exhibition.

18 Word of Mouth

Dawn France

This moor may look empty, but what animals do you think might live here?

Lots of animals live on the moors, you might see skylarks, curlews, red grouse or if you’re lucky there are hares.

What do healthy moors do that is particularly important to towns like Hebden Bridge, Todmorden and Mytholmroyd?

They slow the flow of water when it rains heavily. Healthy moorland vegetation, especially sphagnum moss acts like a giant sponge and absorb water making it less likely for the valleys to flood.

Janet Griffiths

What do you think of when you look at these paintings? Where do you imagine you might be and what time of year is it?

A Bluebell woods in spring maybe? But if you see something else that’s great too… it’s art!

Approximately what proportion of all the world’s population of our native bluebell (Hyacinthoides non-scripta) grow in the UK? A. 15% B. 50% C. 75%

B. 50%

19 Limited Boutique

Dorothy Ann Simister

How many windows can you see in this picture?

Is this painting from inside looking out or outside the window looking in?

It’s a painting of the reflections in the shop window from outside.


Sara Abbott

Which one of the characters in the mural outside the shop is not found in the Calder Valley?

The red squirrel isn’t found here.

What is the name of the world famous urban artist, also know as ‘the original Banksy’, who created huge urban works from the 70’s onwards and who is from the Calder Valley? A. William Banks B. Victor Borroughs C. Walter Kershaw D. Kevin Bristol

C. Walter Kershaw

21 Valli Opticians

Robin Maurice Barr

In very old school photos sometimes the same child can appear twice. Why is that?

The camera used to have to pan from one side to the other very slowly with a long exposure while everyone stayed very still. It was possible to be at one end of the group then run round the back in time to appear again at the other and appear on the photo twice.

What does the word ‘Photograph’ actually mean?

It means ‘drawing with light’, from the Greek words ‘photo’, meaning ‘light’ and ‘graph’, meaning ‘to draw’.

22 Peter David Properties

Helen Lacey

Why are some of the buildings in this city a bit wonky?

Wonky buildings is because Venice was built on mud and wooden piles.

Water and the colour red are recurring themes in a film set in Venice, what is it called?

The film with water and red themes is “Don’t look now” starring Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie.

23 Blue Sky Bakery

Hannah Nunn

Can you think of an artist who is famous for painting sunflowers?

Vincent van Gogh was a Dutch Post-Impressionist painter who posthumously became one of the most famous and influential figures in Western art history. His sunflower paintings are some of the most famous of all artworks anyone has created.

What is the tallest Sunflower ever recorded? A. Just over 5 meters (16 feet) B. Just over 7 meters (23 feet) C. Just over 9 meters (30 feet)

C. Just over 9 meters (30 feet)

Pam Crofts

Why does the Sunflower get it’s name?

They’re called Sunflower – not just because they look like the sun but because the young flowers follow the sun across the sky.

Where did people start growing these flowers as a food crop and how long ago? A. 800 years ago B. 8,000 years ago C. 18,000 years ago

B. Native Americans are thought to have started cultivating them 8,000 years ago.

24 Fleur de Lys

Carolyn Fielden

‘Anemone’ is a kind of plant but also the name of a living creature, where does it live? In a tree, in space or in the sea?

The sea anemone

What is the name of the drug derived from Foxgloves to treat heart conditions?


25 The Remedy Wine Merchants

Tracey Waddington

Blue Curve was painted after many visits the east coast. What is The sea called along the east coast of Britain?

The North Sea

Which countries does the sea from the first question border?

As well as the UK Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and France have coastlines bordering the North Sea

26 Bathroom Boutique

Debs Paine – Combing fish designs

If you look carefully at the pictures in this set you will see that there are some raised lines, what do you think was used to create them?

A medicine syringe that’s normally used for calpol

These pieces were inspired by music: The Four Seasons (Le Quattro Stagioni). Who is the composer and in which year was it first published?

The four violin concertos were written about 1720 and were published in 1725

27 Jack’s Barbers

Jonathan Britten

What can you remember if you know Richard of York gave battle in vain?

The colours of the rainbow; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, it is known as a mnemonic phrase to help remember the order

What is a brocken spectre and where are you likely to be if you can see it?

A Brocken spectre, Brocken bow or mountain spectre is the huge shadow of an observer cast upon clouds opposite the Sun’s direction. The figure’s head is often surrounded by the halo-like rings of coloured light. You’re likely to be on a mountain ridge above misty clouds. The Brocken, a peak in the Harz Mountains in Germany give the phenomenon its name.

28 Muse Music & Love Cafe

Louise Crosby

Louise Crosby’s work often illustrates poems as a series of pictures with text. Can you make up a poem about the pictures you can see?

What year did Eastman Kodak patent the first photopolymer? A. 1949 B. 1952 C. 1961

B. 1952

29 Nathan’s Barbers

Lucy Cartwright

In terms of width and height of the image what is the difference between portrait and landscape photos?

The relationship between an image’s width and height is called the aspect ratio. An image with a landscape aspect ratio is wider than it is high, and a portrait aspect ratio has a longer height than its width.

What percentage of photos currently taken with digital cameras are ever printed on paper? A. Just over 2% B. About 20% C. Just under 30%

B. About 20%

30 Gina B Glass

Gina Clarke

How many sheep can you count in this window?

I counted 3

Glass is made primarily of a common substance. What is it and what temperature does it need to reach to make glass? A. 1300 °C B. 1550 °C or C. 1700 °C

C. Glass is primarily made of sand (silicon dioxide often called silica) which melts to form glass at about 1700 °C

31 Flying Saucers

Hannah Lawson

The animal in the center of the picture sometimes floats on its back to eat the fish and crabs it catches. What animal is it?

A sea otter

What family of birds do guillemots and puffins belong to?

They are Auks

32 Grow Tuition

Sue Walpole

Can you find a gentle giant wearing a cloak of leaves in the photos?

What year was Josephine Ottesen’s novel ‘The Feather and the Rose’ first published? A. 1966 B. 1986 C. 2006

B. 1986

33 Drew Forsyth & Co

Paula Mayland

One painting shows cirrus clouds and one shows cumulus. Which one is which?

‘Fly Flats’ has cirrus clouds and ‘Summer sky’ has cumulus clouds

According to NASA’s Earth Observatory at any given time how much of Earth’s surface is covered by cloud? A. One third B. Just over half C. Two thirds

C. Two thirds

34 Blazing Saddles

Heidi Vilkman

Which of these birds mainly finds its food at night?

The Barn Owl

One of these birds weighs approximately 85g in real life. Which one?

The Great Spotted Woodpecker

Jayne Smith – Moss and Jayne

What is book-girl carrying in her bike basket?

A cat and 6 books

What is the biggest difference between watercolour and gouache?

Gouache is more opaque than watercolor

35 Afghan Rug Co

Judith Glynn

How many different pieces of wire were used to make each figure?

Usually one, unless the reel runs out!

How many meters of copper wire were used to make the small figure of the man lying down?

About 25 meters

36 Wood and Wire

Sarah Eyre

How many different photographs have been put together to make this image?


The word ‘wig’ derives from a French word; its anglicised form was abandoned in the mid 1600’s as people began to shorten it. What is the original name in either French or English?

Wig is abreviated from Periwig in English, from perwyke, a popular corruption of perruck, from French perruque, which in tern derives from Italian perrucca “head of hair, wig,” a word of uncertain origin.

37 Spirals

Angie Rogers

What kind of butterfly is in the painting?

A Peacock

What is the name of the canal going through Hebden Bridge?

The Rochdale Canal

Annie Lewis – Modern Alchemy Jewellery

What is another name for a shooting star?

A falling star or meteorite

What is the chemical symbol for the element silver?

Ag from the Latin argentum for silver

Gary Thomas

Where does clay come from?

Clay comes from the ground, usually in areas where streams or rivers once flowed.

What is the difference between porcelain and stoneware pottery?

Porcelain is fired at a higher temperature than stoneware and is made of a finer particle clay, which results in a thinner construction and more translucent body

Julia Ogden

What is the name of the mill in the woods with stepping stones and ice cream, beginning with the letter G?

Gibson Mill

Cuckoo’s Boots, Lady’s Nightcap and Witches’ Thimbles are all other names for which flower?


Kate Boyce

What is another name for a lapwing which sounds like it’s call?


Which family of birds do lapwings belong to?

Lapwings are Plovers

Roo Waterhouse

Do you know the name of the Hall near Halifax where Anne Lister lived? (Hint: you can find it in the picture)

Shibden Hall

What is the name of the author who deciphered Anne Lister’s secret code and transcribed and edited her diaries?

In 1982, the Halifax-born historian Helena Whitbread rediscovered them and spent six years deciphering Anne’s code


Alison McCabe

Can you name a children’s book with witch in the title?

What ancient culture worshipped the goddess Inanna?

Inanna is the ancient Sumerian goddess of love, sensuality, fertility, procreation, and also of war

39 Element Jewellery

Fran Lily Watson

How would you describe the weather in this picture?

A fine, sunny day

What type of paintbrush is used for the smallest leaves?

A stencil brush

40 The Book Case

Roo Waterhouse

Do you enjoy reading books? Which books would you put in your own ‘Shelf Portrait’?

What is the name of the Hebden Bridge based author whose book will be coming to the small screen soon?

The Gallows Pole by Benjamin Myers is set to be turned into a new BBC drama

41 rubyshoesday

Jane Kenington

Indigo, cobalt and azure are all different kinds of which colour?


Which valley is this a painting of?

Colden Valley

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