Annie Lewis

Modern Alchemy Jewellery

I am a jeweller based in Linden Mill, Hebden Bridge. I work predominantly in silver with the occasional gemstone thrown in. My journey into jewellery making began when my life took an unexpected turn, finding a course and learning this new skill was a silver lining in otherwise difficult circumstances. As soon as I made my first silver ring I fell in love with the alchemy of it all and my business grew from there.

As I studied History at university, jewellery making seemed like a random departure from my planned route into journalism. However growing up I was always drawn to both academic and creative subjects – I guess my creative side won out! As a child I collected treasures (often shiny things!) and I loved making things. My mum was also an artist so that influenced me greatly and it was my mum that suggested I try jewellery making.

My work is inspired by all sorts of things from Minimalism as an art movement to natural forms like the moon. My love of history has crept its way back in, in the form of my latest collection ‘Ancient Alchemy’. I studied the jewellery of ancient civilisations such as Egypt, Greece, Roman and Celt and noticed shared design elements such as twisted wire and decorative beads. Jewellery design then was not just about adornment but was often amuletic too. I have incorporated these elements in my own designs, hand making my own twisted wire. I also liked the idea of creating pieces that look like treasure that has recently been unearthed, so I sought to create an archaic feel to the silver.

I try to work as sustainably as possible, using recycled and recyclable packaging. Recently suppliers have moved to creating more bullion in recycled metal, so I would say 90% of my work is now made from recycled sterling silver.

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