Dylan Howarth


The drive to be creative takes many forms. I paint because I have to, it’s the heart of me. I try to capture nature with all its beauty & devastation; it’s wildness and serenity.

Peak thoughts

By Dylan Howarth

I walked towards the sunsetting peaks,

Winter cracked puddles on footpaths steadfast grip,

A walk to reflect a clarity to seek,

No one for miles the gritstone secrets rip,

The muted palette of heathers and peat,

The white broken blanket of snow; perfect,

Over the roughly trodden footpaths neat,

Keep moving forwards a mind to dissect,

I imagine prehistoric creatures

Simply treading gritstone as architects,

So I walk on shoulders of giant teachers,

Years & years a million thoughts to recollect,

On top of one paths horizon I see,

Ultimately everything; the beauty of thee.


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Photos of Dylan by Lucy Cartwright

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