Frances Earnshaw

Sculptor and Printmaker

Hebden Bridge is abuzz with artists working towards Open Studios and I am enjoying seeing what is appearing on Instagram from my local friends.

This will be my first Open Studios for while and I am looking forward to engaging with visitors.

I am showing new work which will be a mix of small sculpture and print.

I have been busy at West Yorkshire Print Workshop, creating photoetching plates. The images are based on photos of foxes entering an interior space, implying tension and incongruity.

Fabric and fibre, weaving and knitting have become a part of my 3d work. The word sculpture doesn’t quite fit in describing this work, with its association of knifing away materials. My process in making a thing is quite different. Weaving, connecting, trying.

I am aware I do myself no favours by leaping from one medium to another. I have never been able to stay with a visual trope which identifies me. I am trying another new media, solar plate printmaking, turning my photographs into velvety dark images. This is where my voice goes. In any case, I am happy to have a part in the coming weekend and showing my new photoetching series, “Letting in Foxes”.

Frances Earnshaw is showing at The Making Mill July 7 – 9.

Visit Frances’s page for contact details and links.

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