The Friday Feature 2

Exquisite art & craft to explore this April

This month our tour of Calder Valley creativity continues with stops along the way to see some extraordinary articulated jewellery, exquisite nature inspired designs for the home, and ends up exploring a unique fusion of oil painting, books and typography.

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April 8 – Toby Cotterill – Jewellery
April 15 – Hannah Nunn – Homeware and design
April 22 – Roo Waterhouse – Painting

All aboard! Tickets and passes please…


In March Toby Cotterill has been at Blackburn Museum to document and sketch their amazing beetle collection. This research, which includes going behind-the-scenes to examine rare specimens, will inspire a new collection of work this year. Not to be missed if you like interesting, sculptural jewellery.

Hannah Nunn is always inspired and enthralled by the tiny details found in nature and loves living in this valley with its many woodlands paths, moorland and meadows.

From her sunny studio she expresses that inspiration in her glowing paper-cut lighting, wallpaper, window film and a large collection of tiny laser cut treasures.

Roo Waterhouse’s oil paintings celebrate our connection with treasured books and the way our bookshelves reflect the stories of our lives.

Her Shelf Portraits are a kind of literary Desert Island Discs!

Which books would you choose?

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