The Friday Feature

A focus on three Open Studios’ artists

Every July the artists in Hebden Bridge and the Upper Calder Valley open their doors to their creative spaces. A map of hidden worlds to enrich and inspire.

Our Friday Feature opens a little window into these studios and workshops throughout the year, shining a light on three artists each time.

Follow #hbosFridayFeature on social media where we’ll showcase one artist every week, or if you’ve a bigger appetite for art, feast on all three in our monthly email or here in our blog.

Come with us on a journey through art and exquisitely made handcrafts. First stop; jewellery, ceramics and painting.

If you like what you see follow the links to the full feature on each artist. We’ll be back next month with three more visits to Hebden Bridge Open Studios’ hub of art and creativity.

Kate Rhodes


“I love to use colour as a visual language through my jewellery and my work is inspired by the surrounding countryside, sculpture and patterns.

Cool silver, vibrant blues from titanium, and warm earthy tones from copper and brass.”

Luxuriate in Kate’s exquisite jewellery

Lesley Lishman


“I hand craft functional earthenware ceramics; vases, mugs, jugs, plates and candleholders, slab-building or using hand-made moulds to create the shapes.

Each piece is handmade from start to finish so every single one of my creations is truly one-of-a-kind.”

Take delight in Lesley’s handmade pottery

Julia Ogden


“I paint soft, dream like landscapes of places close to my heart. I make art that makes you smile; bright pictures to escape grey days.

Screen printing has opened the door for me to create not just art to hang on a wall but art in the form of cushions, brooches, mobiles and much more. All proudly handmade here in Yorkshire!”

Add colour to your day with Julia’s paintings

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