Heidi Vilkman

Illustrator and Designer

I am a Finnish born illustrator and designer, creating magical art inspired by nature, folk art and fairytales.

Nature has been my mentor and muse since I was little. My days were spent in the forest next to our house in Finland, where I created magical landscapes out of found objects and made up fantastical fairytale worlds in my mind. Now, whilst living in UK, I use those memories, as well as the beautiful landscape here, as my inspiration for my creations. My 9 year old daughter also loves drawing and we often create our illustrations together.

I am a child at heart and love experimenting. I have worked with many different art mediums in the past; from ceramics to jewellery to paper. I think as artists, we need to be able to play with many things, in order to grow creatively. These days I mainly make illustrations for paper crafts and stationery, as well logos and branding for companies. My latest love is creating repeating patterns for wallpaper and fabric, which enables me to convey a story in a completely different format. My first quilting fabric collection, with my illustrated star signs, is coming out by QT Fabrics in Summer 2023.

Even though I work a lot digitally, most of my designs start as hand-drawn lines, because I love the feel of organic materials. There is always an element of magic and enchantment present in my work, because the world for me is multifaceted and fascinating – it is a blessing to be able to convey the world’s beauty through artistic means.

Being brought up so close to nature, I am conscious of my part in making the world more sustainable. The printed products that I sell are as eco-friendly as possible. I also built an artistic natural cottage in Finland, which follows my design principles and my sustainable ethos.

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