Kate Rhodes


I’m a jeweller based in Hebden Bridge. I love to use colour as a visual language through my jewellery and my work is inspired by the surrounding countryside, sculpture and patterns.

Colour from the metals used plays an important part in my work: cool silver, vibrant blues from titanium, and warm earthy tones from copper and brass. I craft fine details by piercing with a saw, soldering and inlaying contrasting metals, and I carve light, detailed patterns with a pendant drill.

Each of my pieces is hand-made, each piece is unique. Bold and dynamic, my Geometrics collection uses contrasting colours and shapes to create individual works of art. I am inspired by Miro and Barbara Hepworth as well as Lucienne Day’s textile designs and many things mid-century. Sculpture and colour sit together in this collection.

My Pebbles & Circles collection has an earthy feel, inspirations are naturally sourced, bringing together found objects, rocks,shapes from the sea, lakes and rivers. Returning to nature, seeking the outdoors and creating a space for calm, peace and quiet.

My Birds & Flowers collection comes from being in nature, every day gardening, walking, watching the emerging and passing of the seasons, buds, birds and flowers.

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