Lesley Lishman


I am a small batch potter working from my home studio in Hebden Bridge. I hand craft functional earthenware ceramics such as vases, mugs, jugs, plates and candleholders.

I use white earthenware clay to create my pieces and slab-building or hand-made moulds to create the shapes. I decorate my pieces with vintage lace, or simple bird, leaf or flower shaped paper templates.

Using quick, vibrant brush strokes I apply coloured slips to my ceramics and after they have been bisque fired I add more details with brush-on underglaze and pencil. I then apply a luscious clear glaze before firing.

Each piece is handmade from start to finish so every single one of my creations is truly one-of-a-kind. I love the entire process of hand building and there is always something new to learn. I still get a bit tense when opening the kiln after a firing, hoping everything is as expected, but, there are always a few surprises.

Visit Lesley’s page for contact details and links.

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