Rachel Mander

Sculptor, Printmaker and Artist

I am predominantly a sculptor yet printmaking, painting and doodling do feature heavily in my creative process. My studio is a place where I play and experiment with whatever materials take my fancy at the time. Rarely do I have a clear idea of what I am going to create before starting a piece I let the materials take charge.

My recent works have been created from random found objects and scrap metal. This process resulted in me producing a collection of very unique characters which I have nicknamed my ‘Army of Creatures’.

I am currently experimenting with cutting fluid shapes from scrap metal ducting with a plasma cutter. I then intend to bend the pieces and paint and doodle on them with an airbrush and spray gun.

I enjoy pushing the boundaries of what any given medium can offer, I like to alter its form and feel. My challenge is working out how to do that and what other materials I can bring into the mix to compliment it.

The way I would describe my work is spontaneous, colourful, playful and quirky, it can be humorous and it can be dark.

Last year I assisted in the building of my new studio at Big Tin Shed. This new space has really opened up lots of new possibilities in my work. I have returned to working with steel and using an arc welder which I had not done since 1993. I feel excited about my future creations and who knows what they will be.

Visit Rachel’s page for contact details and links.

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Photos of Rachel by Lucy Cartwright

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