Steve Gibson

Dancing Bear Ceramics

Some twenty five years ago when I was living in London I bought a book, just because I liked the picture on the cover. The book was about hand made ceramic tiles, and by the time I had read the book and looked at all the wonderful ceramic artworks that people had created I knew this was what I wanted to do for a living.

Apart from attending a ceramics evening class at a local college nothing much else happened for several years. I was in demand as a builder, I had no facilities of my own and I moved house several times, none of which were conducive to developing a new, and as it turned out, very technical business.

By 2014 I had lived in Hebden Bridge for eleven years, and finally I did something about fulfilling my ambition. I rented space in what is now known as the Big Tin Shed in Victoria Road and inside I built and equipped out my own studio. I still had to earn a living though, and continued to work as a builder, meaning that I was still time poor when it came to developing my ceramics. I continued developing my skills over the following years, spending what time I could in the studio.

Experimenting with different techniques and materials until I finally reached my current position. I am now offering a bespoke tile service for those who want something unique to adorn their kitchen, bathroom or shower. If you would like a bespoke ceramic mural designed, made and installed especially for you, or even if you’re just curious to see what I’m doing, then do get in touch or come to my studio.

Visit Steve’s page for contact details and links.

Photos of Steve by Lucy Cartwright

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