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Now that we’re into November it’s time to start getting ready for our Christmas event.

We need your help

We are not a team of professional event organisers so anything you can do to help is crucial. We are a very small team of volunteers, artists just like you.

We’ve put this page together to help coordinate things. Anything you can think of to add here please let us know.

Can you spare an hour or two?

  • Window displays. We need your work
  • Flyers and Posters
  • Social media – we can’t do it for you. Please see the notes below

Window Display

We have been offered two shop windows to use to promote our Christmas event. They get a lot of attention and are great publicity!

Please let us know if you can put any pieces of your work in the display. It will be great promotion for you and a great way to let people know about all the lovely work they will see in December.

As well as prints and paintings with a winter/Christmas appeal we’re very keen to display other Christmas present ideas.

Flyers and Posters

Take as many flyers as you can distribute. Lots of A4 posters, take A3s if you’ve a good place for them.

Pick up from Kate Rhode’s shop at Hebble End (flyers, A4 and A3 posters), open Mon 1 – 4 and Thu – Sun 1 – 4, or the Town Hall (flyers and A4 posters ONLY).

Get in touch if you can help distribute flyers.

Social media

No one is being paid to do it, it isn’t anyone’s job! Please read the notes below and help us out with this.

We are a volunteer organisation. Everyone needs to do a little bit to help promote the event.

The image at the bottom of this page is ideal for using on the web. There are other web size posters in a Dropbox Folder.


We have created a Facebook Event, if you’re on there please make sure you click that you’re going, and share the event to all your family and friends. Try to get them to click they’re going and share it too. It really helps to put your own message on when you share it, go on, it takes two minutes!


Message us if you are not on the list of Instagram accounts below, and do message us if we’re not following you.

Make sure you use the two hashtags in your posts: #hebdenmakeschristmas and #hebdenbridgeopenstudios and follow us @hbopenstudios on Facebook and Instagram.

Please don’t use lots of variants of open studios hashtags! These are the two we are promoting and want people to use.

To be included on our Instagram feed invite @hbopenstudios to collaborate on a post. It’s like ‘repost’ but all comments and likes are concentrated on one post that appears in both our feeds so it’s good for both of us.

Tap ‘Tag People’ and click ‘Invite Collaborator’. Next, search for the user you want to collab with (that’s us @hbopenstudios). Once you’ve selected our account tap the checkmark to confirm.

You have to tag and invite collaborator before you post, it doesn’t work as an edit afterwards. This doesn’t work for stories, tag us in the usual way for those.

This is super helpful to put content on our feed at the same time as yours. And remember to use the hashtags #hebdenmakeschristmas and #hebdenbridgeopenstudios

The algorithm works best if you’re active and engage with other instagram users. Get friendly with each other on there, follow other artists and like and comment on each other’s posts… and ours of course!

If you’re not that familiar with how instagram works it’s good etiquette to use a few hashtags, 6 or 8, you don’t have to use the full amount you’re allowed to (30) – that doesn’t look good. So a sentence about what the image is about, more if you want to write more, then a few hashtags that are appropriate as well as the two we’re promoting. To separate them from the text you can either write them
Like this, with full stops. Otherwise the spaces disappear and they’ll be visible right next to the text. Or put the hashtags in a comment so they’re separate. They still work in the same way.

Instagram favours Reels… So if anyone knows what to do with those please get in touch and get involved. I don’t!!

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