Northlight Winter Fair

Meet the artists

Here at Northlight Art Studios we all look forward to our annual Winter Fair! It is a chance for our studio members to gather together and show off our wares. There will be plenty of arty Christmas gift inspiration from our artists and makers, accompanied by delicious cakes, mulled wine and even a chance to win our star prize of a Northlight Art School Workshop voucher in the raffle.

You can also entertain yourselves and get creative at our arty activity table!

We’ll be open on Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th December between 11am and 5pm and look fo...

Annie Lewis

Modern Alchemy Jewellery

I am a jeweller based in Linden Mill, Hebden Bridge. I work predominantly in silver with the occasional gemstone thrown in. My journey into jewellery making began when my life took an unexpected turn, finding a course and learning this new skill was a silver lining in otherwise difficult circumstances. As soon as I made my first silver ring I fell in love with the alchemy of it all and my business grew from there.

As I studied History at university, jewellery making seemed like a random departure from my planned route into journalism. ...

Anna Gibson


Painting makes me happy but it frustrates me too. One moment I know exactly what I’m doing, the next I’m lost. And that’s the joy of it, the shaky tightrope that I walk to get to the place where it just feels right.

Living on the hilltops above Hebden Bridge, my subject matter surrounds me. I do not have to go far to be excited by mist or a disappearing horizon. The trees, the light, the topography, the weather and the vegetation in all seasons are noticed. The lively wind is frequently present and the shifting conditions challenge me.

Mostly, the paint...

Keith Parkinson


There’s a particular moment of excitement, and sometimes trepidation, as I stand in front of my canvas, brush loaded and poised for that first mark. It might be in my studio, on a beach or up in the hills, that frisson is always there and manifests itself in the hover – the hanging over the canvas, bobbing the brush tip up and down like a snooker player lining up a shot – then the dart and sweep of the first marks.

I rarely start a painting with slow, measured marks, painstakingly plotting every line. I like to dive in, start big with the key lines and ...

Heidi Vilkman

Illustrator and Designer

I am a Finnish born illustrator and designer, creating magical art inspired by nature, folk art and fairytales.

Nature has been my mentor and muse since I was little. My days were spent in the forest next to our house in Finland, where I created magical landscapes out of found objects and made up fantastical fairytale worlds in my mind. Now, whilst living in UK, I use those memories, as well as the beautiful landscape here, as my inspiration for my creations. My 9 year old daughter also loves drawing and we often create our illustratio...

Tessa Kerr

Two Islands Photography

As a self-taught photographer, I don’t really follow rules and I’ve been able to have the freedom to learn by doing it my own way – a bit of a cowboy, I have a relaxed style and like to ‘shoot from the hip’. People need to feel relaxed and forget about having a camera pointed at them to achieve natural shots.

Over the last 7 years or so I have been able to develop my skills enough to have a successful career, with both a studio and gallery base, doing child, family and commercial photography work, as well as working with landscapes featu...

Kath Baker

Wildlife inspired textile art

Hi, I’m Kath and I am a self taught textile artist based in Wainsgate Chapel, a beautiful, deconsecrated baptist chapel, in Old Town above Hebden Bridge.

All of my designs are inspired by my love of nature, stirred with a good dollop of childlike imagination. I make a wide range of brooches, accessories, homewares and original artwork featuring our native birds and creatures. Each one is lovingly hand cut, needle felted and free motion embroidered, to have its own unique character.

The majority of my fabrics are carefully sourced S...

Joe Gregory

Willow weaving, basketry and sculpture

My willow work is influenced by the natural environment all around me. Using much of my own grown willow I create work that is often functional and connected to the land.

I love being able to create something from just a bunch of sticks. Willow is so flexible and strong it can be woven into almost anything only limited by my skill and imagination. I enjoy the physical nature of what I do, that along with the repetitiveness of weaving keeps me completely absorbed while I work and I am always reminded of the people and cult...

Tim Schofield


I enjoy painting landscapes and seascapes that play with form and formlessness. I aim to create scenes that feel half-remembered, at once familiar but also dream-like.

In my art I experiment with the boundaries between the real and the imagined, creating scenes that seem both familiar and yet distant.

While many of my paintings are inspired by real places I rarely paint specific locations, instead preferring intuitive and meditative painting methods to paint through pure, direct creative expression.

Some of the most rewarding and exciting feedback I’ve...

Josephine Gornall – Phinefibre

Fibre/mixed media artist and tutor

Inspiration for my fibre artwork comes from my wanderings of the land and wild seascapes, my love of vibrant colour, abstract expressionism, free flowing forms and textural surfaces.

I’ve always been a wanderer, exploring the moorlands, flora and fauna. I lived on a small farm in my childhood, drawing, creating, making imaginary worlds with whatever I could find both in and outdoors.

After my art degree, I worked as a designer, participatory artist and lecturer. I now love to create my fibre felted paintings, sculptural pieces...

Dorothy Ann Simister


I was initially inspired by reflections in a department store shop window in Peckham High Street when I was student at Camberwell School of Art. Peering at my own reflection a woman in a fur coat rushed by reflecting in the glass and captured my imagination. The reflections theme has kept me painting in various guises for over 40 years.

Over this time the paintings have changed in form, size and medium. They question and consolidate a momentary experience, recording a pinch of life at a particular time – a historical document. Shops and displays modif...

Dan Morrison


My work draws on architecture, machines, and natural forms to produce unique lamps and clocks that combine a strong mechanical or structural aesthetic and a playful character.

All my work is designed to encourage interaction and introduce a sense of play into everyday activities; for example a kinetic element or simple mechanism to adjust the piece or to set it in motion.

The overall aesthetic draws on the beauty of industrial materials and the charm of simple machine assemblies, made using materials with a strong practical and decorative heritag...

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