Promoting Open Studios

We need your help!

Brochures, flyers and posters

There are lots of brochures, flyers and posters (A4 and A3) now at The Town Hall and at Kate Rhodes’ shop at Hebble End. Please pick up and distribute.

The Town Hall is open every day except Sunday. Check Kate’s’s there before you call in, best to text please on 07930 568967
Usual opening times: Mon and Thu – Sat, 1 – 5pm

There’s a map here if you don’t know where it is.


Social Media

We’re on Facebook and Instagram. If we’re not following you message us to say – we do try.

The two hashtags we’re promoting are #hbopenstudios2023 and #hebdenbridgeopenstudios

Remember to include these in your posts and tag us @hbopenstudios

It’s best to avoid using other open studios hashtag variations and abbreviations – If we can keep it to just these two it keeps it simple to find stuff.

Tuesdays and Thursdays will be takeover days until the week of open studios itself. Please show some support and like and comment.

The algorithm promotes engagement; so the more interaction the better. Ask questions, leave comments of a few words rather than a smiley face (put that too!). Share on Facebook.

Instagram likes to see stuff being saved. Up to July’s event it would help to save @hbopenstudios posts, delete them afterwards if you don’t want to keep them.

Collab Posts on Instagram

It’s like ‘repost’ but all comments and likes are concentrated on one post that appears in both our feeds so it’s good for both of us.

Step #1: After uploading your Reel or feed post, go to the share screen, and tap “Tag People”

Step #2: In the bottom right corner, you’ll see an option to “Invite Collaborator.”

Search for the user you want to collab with (that’s us @hbopenstudios). Once you’ve selected our account tap the checkmark to confirm.

When we see it and accept your post will be seen on our feed too.

You have to tag and invite collaborator before you post, it doesn’t work as an edit afterwards.

If this doesn’t work switch to a business or a creator account. In ‘settings’ click ‘account’ then scroll to the bottom to ‘switch account type’. It may take a couple of days before it lets you make collab posts.

We found this guide useful.

Remember – Tuesdays and Thursdays are takeover days, collabs will be posted the following day.


Some web friendly graphics for you

We’ve put these in a folder you can download 1800 x 1800 pixel versions here – kind of online versions of the posters.

If you take them from this page click on the one you want to enlarge it. That will let you share/download a 1200 x 1200 pixel version, large enough to share online.

Make sure you click on it otherwise you might share the thumbnail image and that’s too small and will look bad.

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