Promoting Open Studios

We need your help!

We need help to distribute brochures and flyers

We’re a really small team, please help out with brochure distribution if you can. We’ll be handing out brochures in town on Bridge Gate Thursday June 27 and Saturday June 29, and also need help distributing to shops, cafes, etc. Come along and help!


Maps and posters

We have the brochures, maps and posters for our July event out and about now. You can pick them up from:

Hebden Bridge Town Hall, Monday – Friday 8.30 – 3, Saturday 9 – 3. Behind the reception desk.


Social Media

We’re on Facebook and Instagram. If we’re not following you message us to say – we do try.

The two hashtags we’re promoting are #hbopenstudios2024 and #hebdenbridgeopenstudios

Remember to include these in your posts and tag us @hbopenstudios

Please don’t use other open studios hashtag variations and abbreviations – If we can keep it to just these two it keeps it simple to find stuff.

The algorithm promotes engagement; so the more interaction the better. Ask questions, leave comments of a few words (rather than just a smiley face – put that too!), share on Facebook.

Instagram likes to see stuff being saved. Up to July’s event it would help to save @hbopenstudios posts, delete them afterwards if you don’t want to keep them.

Collab Posts on Instagram

It’s like ‘repost’ but all comments and likes are concentrated on one post that appears in both our feeds. This is much better than repost!

After uploading your Reel or feed post tap “Tag People”

In the bottom right corner, you’ll see an option to “Invite Collaborator.”

Search for the user you want to collab with (that’s us @hbopenstudios). Once you’ve selected our account tap the checkmark to confirm.

Then write your caption and add hashtags #hebdenbridgeopenstudios and #hbopenstudios2024 plus a few of your own.

Now share your post.

When we see it and accept, your post will be seen on our feed too.

You have to tag and invite collaborator before you post, it doesn’t work as an edit afterwards.

How to Collab short video here


Web friendly graphics for you

There are lots of versions with text as well as blank versions for you to overlay your own text on. Mostly square cropped, also portrait size for reels.

It’s a Dropbox folder, but you do not have to have Dropbox installed yourself to access it, view and download the files.

Download images for social media here



The Instagram Challenge

For six days, starting this Sunday 30th June Julia will post a prompt on the @hbopenstudios Instagram page using the letters that make up the word STUDIO.

You can interpret it as creatively as you like. Remember to invite @hbopenstudios to collaborate before you post so it will be on our feed as well as yours. There’s instructions and video about this on a previous message or go to ‘Artists notes’ tab in the footer menu of the website.

S = Studio (Sunday 30th) – tell everyone about where you make your work, or if you are exhibiting somewhere other than your studio, do tell us about that too. What do you love about it, how long have you been there, do you share it with anyone else? We would love to know.

T = Trail or Town Hall (Monday 1st July) – If you have a piece in one of the shop windows please tell everyone about it, or if you have a piece in the town hall exhibition you could shout about that too. If you don’t have anything in either it would be great if you could tell your followers that this is happening around town and help raise awareness.

U = Unveil (Tuesday 2nd) – Is there anything that you plan to unveil during open studios? Anything that people will be seeing for the first time?

D = Do (Wednesday 3rd) – What do you do with your day, with your paints, with your materials? Tell us about a technique or a practice that you love. Or perhaps you are going to DO something special during open studios? Let everyone know.

I = Inspiration (Thursday 4th) – What is it that inspires you to make your work. Or what inspired you to take part in open studios this year?

O = Open (Friday 5th) – This will be the first day of open studios. Perhaps post a photo of the entrance to your studio so people know what they are looking for and give people directions. Or post a photo of your open door. Or your open arms welcoming everyone to your space!

When you post (in the challenge and about anything open studio related) PLEASE use the two hashtags:

Then people can find the posts.

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