Guide to editing your page

We’ve tried to make editing your page as simple as possible. If you’re daunted by the prospect these notes should help you through it.

If there is anything that is still unclear do let us know so we can improve this guide.

Don’t be daunted by this list of notes. It really is quite straightforward.

We’ve listed absolutely everything we could think of here anyone has had a problem with. Some of our artists have never done anything like this before and we’ve worked it out with them. Try it and contact us if you still have problems.

Make edits on a computer if you can, some edit functions don’t work on a phone.

When you’ve logged in (at the foot of the website) scroll to the bottom of the member’s page to find your listing.

The edit button is at the foot of your page.

Note: You can’t edit opening times or dates. This has to be done by us, if it’s wrong let us know.

Where it says ‘Quick Description’ add one or two sentences that sum up your work succinctly. Please write this in the first person.

Add longer text, your CV, working methods, artist statement, etc. below that.

Keep copies of your text so if anything goes wrong you can put it in again.

To save your edits click the ‘submit listing’ button at the bottom of the page.

You should see a screen with ‘Update received, your changes are now live and can be viewed here’. Click to see your page and go back to the edit button at the bottom to make more changes.

Edit one thing at a time then save it. If your internet is dodgy you can lose your edits if they’ve not been saved.

Set your location on the map by moving the icon to exactly where you want it then submit to save it. Ignore the button ‘Set Address On Map’.

You can zoom in and out of the map with the + and – icons at the top left.

Add as many categories as your work fits into. If there is a category you would like creating contact us.

Website listings need to be URL format, so eg. is written as

URLs are easy to copy on a computer, watch out for copying versions that are specifically for phones as they won’t work on a computer.


Add as many images as you like, they can be any image file format.

The pencil icon allows you to edit the title and description.

Rearrange image order by dragging them.

The first image will be your main image, it will act as a thumbnail on the directory page so choose something that represents your work and is clear when small.

People really like to see the artist and where and how you work so do add images of yourself and in your studio as well as your work.

The maximum image size is 4MB. If you are having problems uploading images you may be trying to upload a file that is too large OR your internet is too slow to upload lots of images. Try uploading one at a time.

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