Dorothy Ann Simister


I was initially inspired by reflections in a department store shop window in Peckham High Street when I was student at Camberwell School of Art. Peering at my own reflection a woman in a fur coat rushed by reflecting in the glass and captured my imagination. The reflections theme has kept me painting in various guises for over 40 years.

Over this time the paintings have changed in form, size and medium. They question and consolidate a momentary experience, recording a pinch of life at a particular time – a historical document. Shops and displays modify constantly, just as life moves, changes and disappears. The interaction between the reflected building, passing person or vehicle mixed with what is interestingly displayed in the shop window, provides a complex and befuddled picture. Colourful patterns in fabrics, paper and objects add to the exciting mix creating a new diverse scene. I frequently take photographs as reflections alter and disappear as quickly as the light changes. These are used to inform and capture the essence in my work.

I love the light, colour, shapes and patterns which are also caught in my landscape painting and sketches which are simple and less complex. I love to walk in the valley and mountains further afield; always carrying my sketch book, pencils and tiny paints to quickly record the colours and forms I observe. These are often turned into prints or paintings.

My fascination with gardening and seedpods forms provide another interest and inspiration. The variety of seed dispersal make each seed pod an enthralling structure. Each shape has a personality of its own. I have a vast collection of seed pods, loving the details in nature.
I love using a variety of mediums in all my work from watercolour, inks, pastels, acrylics and oil paints, choosing which ever takes my fancy or has a particular quality for a piece of work. I also make lino cuts particularly at Christmas time. I’m happy and open to suggestions from people and will take on commissions.

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Photos of Dorothy by Lucy Cartwright

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