Hannah Nunn


From my sunny studio I make glowing paper-cut lighting, wallpaper, window film and a large collection of tiny laser cut treasures, all inspired by the exquisite details found in nature.

I’m always inspired and enthralled by the tiny details found in nature and I love living in this valley with its many woodlands paths, moorland and meadows. I walk often with my camera taking it all in and trying to figure out how to express what I see in my work.

My studio is home to my incredible laser-cutting machine, which I use to cut all the motifs for my lamps and other paper pieces. It is able to cut with such precision, which is wonderful because I love the details. I use the machine to cut silhouettes but also engrave texture and pattern. It can take the finest layer of paper away which allows me to play with the amount of light coming through and build up layers of light and shadow. I love switching on a lamp for the first time and watching the design come to life.

I design my wallpapers in house, using the same motifs and they are printed using traditional methods in one of the few remaining wallpaper factories in the UK. I have eight botanically inspired designs, with many colours to choose from. You can see sample books in the studio and I have A4 samples to take away.

My studio has wall to wall windows that display my window film designs so you can see what they look like in real life and see the magical shadows that they make.

Visit Hannah’s page for contact details and links.

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