Harriet Quilty

Painter and Illustrator

I would describe my work as folksy, warm and joyful. I’m definitely inspired by naive art. I work in paints, mainly gouache. Sometimes I will use a photograph taken from my daily walks as a starting point or as references, but the rest is down to the imagination. The painting then becomes like an unfolding story. The canvas tells me what to do, like a puzzle I am decoding. There is often a dialogue going on, especially where animals and human animals are involved.

My brother once said my painting was a bit like Les Dawson when he played the piano badly. I took that as a compliment (and chuckled at the wit)! He has a point, I purposely paint with imperfections because it brings out something interesting and characterful.

When I get commissions it is mostly to paint people’s homes – with furry companions and little ones – but sometimes maps, gardens, vegetable plots, things like that. Don’t expect straight lines! I am happy to reimagine compositions for you, like the time I painted a customer’s garden in winter when she wanted the flower beds to be in full bloom! I am flexible too, this week I painted a mural for a customer on her large kitchen cupboard doors.

As a typical introvert, I love working on my own and my garret (I’m up in the eaves) is at home. Next year I’ll be spreading out into the room next door, creating a much needed stockroom. So much goes on here, painting, printing (I have a sub press for my illustrated gifts), plotting, packing, scanning, Photoshopping, singing, filming/editing and, most importantly, playing!

Visit Harriet’s page for contact details and links.

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